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Performance Reviews

Our debut performance of Word Dances: Poetry in Motion was April 7 in Fargo. Here's what people had to say about it!

~ Brilliant. Inspirational. Motivational presentation. Broadway worthy!

~ It was amazing. Deep, Rich and Wise.

~ I will admittedly confess I went to this event thinking this will be nice to do. I should support my relatives' art and efforts. I was completely blown away, impressed and even dare I say, moved to tears. Highly recommend seeing this in person if you ever are offered the opportunity.

~ Remarkable performance!

~ By my nature, upbringing, etc. I am a critic big time, but this was phenomenal. It's a bit tough writing on my hand in line, but it's worth it to say you all are an amazing inspiration!

~ This was so professionally executed! Wonderful job ladies.

~ With all the different facets – listening to the poems spoken, and then the music brought another layer, and the movement, and the images added – with all of it together, I felt and experienced it all in my heart.

~ So powerful, touching, encouraging, happy, sad & joyful.

~ It was beautiful, wonderful, heart-stirring! Marvelous, wonder-FULL.

~ Last time I saw you, Katie, you had a crutch. So happy to see you back in your ZONE! The whole production is so inspiring, uplifting like a bird lifting into flight! Thanks mucho!

~ I felt like I was being held.


~ This was a new experience for me and I enjoyed it so much. Amazing to witness words, music, and dance come together in such a beautiful way.

~ Amazing!! Loved it. Want to see it again!!

~ Awe inspired. An amazing work of multi-layered art! Inspiring ♥

~ I never knew dance/poetry could go together so well. Would attend more events like this one.

~ Absolutely amazing – has me in deep thought.

~ It fed my soul.

~ Moving, real, revealing, inspiring.

~ Soothing. Relaxing. Enjoyable experience.

~ As a keen lifelong observer of birds, I will forever forward see them for greater worth! Awesome!!!

~ Beautiful! Lovely poems and dances. Such a cool event!

~ Previous dancer of Katie and Barb's -- it meant so much.

~ All Excellent!! Loved it.

~ Fabulous! Loved it.

~ I loved it. It was beautiful, meaningful & relevant in today's crazy world!

~ Everything was lovely! ... poems, dance, music, and illustrations!

~ Moving & powerful. Inclusive of all feeling without judgment. Intention shows!

~ Beautiful ♥

~ So creative!

~ So great to see Katie and Barb dance again. Poems are inspiring!

~ Very, very good!

~ Creative, Inspiring, Uplifting. Loved the Performance!

~ Being in my 80s I've lived a lot of emotional ups and downs -- could relate.

~ Beautiful poetry & dance. Makes you think & feel emotions often buried. Highly encourage the read!

~ All messages touched my heart. Thx.

~ Beautiful combination of poetry & dance.

~ So amazing!

~ Very meaningful!

~ Katie was mesmerizing. Her dance moved me.

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